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Tips to lose the weight you've gained during the pandemic

The pandemic has affected us in many ways. Whether it's our physical health or mental well-being, it has taken a toll on every aspect of our lives. During this crisis-ridden time, many people have and continue to struggle with unexplained weight gain and obesity too. Since everything has changed and everyone of us has had to alter our ways to resort to a new normal, the pandemic has given rise to an unhealthy lifestyle. Excess weight gain, which is often brushed off by people, has added to our woes and also makes us more prone to COVID-induced severe illnesses. That said, if you're someone who has gained a lot of weight and accumulated excess fat, it is time to get rid of them. To do so, here are some tips and tricks.

Do not skip meals and stick to healthy eating patterns

Diets and unhealthy eating habits have existed even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. However, with lockdowns, quarantine and work from home, people have become more disorganized and negligent. Whether it comes to keeping a track of one's work schedule or sticking to a proper eating routine, everything has changed now. That said, many have lost track of their meals, have adhered to unhealthy eating patterns and what not. That said, all these factors can lead to unnecessary weight gain. In order to avoid this from happening, remember to eat all your meals. Practice mindful eating and stick to healthy eating habits. Portion control can also limit your intake of excess foods and can help you avoid overeating.

Physical activity should be prioritized

Pandemic or no pandemic, exercise is extremely important. Not only does it help you lose weight, but it also ensures a balanced body and a stable mind. However, physical activity should not be your last resort. People resort to regular exercise and physical movements in the hope to shed some kilos and go back to a healthy weight. But regular physical activities are necessary even when you're slim and at a healthy weight already. You should continue to work on yourself and your body, so as to keep chronic illnesses at bay and also to stay fit and healthy when you age.

COVID anxiety is real, look for ways to keep the stress away

As far as stress and anxiety is concerned, COVID has successfully infiltrated the minds of the people. Adults and kids both have been affected grievously and there is no escape from it until we learn to manage it. Stress as we all know contributes to weight gain. It can lead to the production of hormones called cortisol that increases our cravings and makes us more driven towards high-calorie foods. That said, in order to manage the stress, you can practice breathing exercises that help calm the nerves. Practicing yoga and meditation are other ways to ease our mind. Apart from that, learn to address your mental stressors and discuss it with people. This will only lighten up your heart and mind.

Focus on overall health

If you're someone who has just recently decided to get back on track, remember that weight loss should not be your only goal. Your overall health is what matters the most. Whether you switch to eating nutritious foods or decide to go for a run, ensure that it all works towards giving you a healthy body and maintaining a healthy weight. Do not go on unnecessary diets and skip meals, as it will only make you more weak and less energetic, which in turn will prevent you from doing your day to day chores.

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