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5 Easy Exercises To Increase Your Child's Height

While it's completely fine to be of any height - short, medium or tall, we want our kids to have a good height as it adds to their overall personality and confidence. While genetics do play an important role in determining the height of a person, the truth is there are many physical factors that can influence height. Here are the 5 most effective exercises that will help your kids to achieve their maximum height.


Swimming improves flexibility and stimulates the cells within the body. Swimming helps in stimulating every muscle, which helps in increasing the height naturally.

​Hanging exercises

Hanging is one of the best exercises to increase height. It helps in increasing the endurance of your arms and stimulates your upper body muscles. This also helps in toning the body and shaping it up. The toning and shaping of the body can help in increasing the height.

​Toe touching

Toe touching is an easy exercise that stimulates the muscles in your back and calves and gives your thigh muscles a nice massage. Try to touch your toes but do not push yourself beyond your limits. You can make your kids perform the exercise from an early age.

​Cobra pose

To perform a cobra pose, lie down on your tummy and slowly lift your upper body. Bend as much as your body permits to enhance the growing capabilities of your body cells. This will help in increasing the height.

​Skipping rope

Skipping rope is a fun activity that everyone enjoys. The activity helps in increasing the height. Jumping triggers the cells of your body from head to toe and makes the cell active. This type of muscle work is best for the streamlined growth of our body and increasing height.

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