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Dr. Ashish K. Naik

Dy. Commissioner

(Health & Hospital)

Surat Municipal corporation

It's been over last 5 years since I and my family members are periodically taking treatment at Sparsh Physiotherapy Clinic for any physical  problems requiring Physiothearpy.Being a patient and a doctor myself, I am always satisfied with the  diagnostics and the permanent cure oriented treatments. The professionalism of Dr. Maulik Patel is vividly reflected not just from the staff of the clinic but also from their enormous success stories. Best wishes.


Dr. Dipika Shah
(Retired Professor,VNSGU, Surat)

Sparsh Physio Clinic is a magic for Physical, Muscular, Mental and Overall Well-being of One’s Body and Mind. Dr. Maulik is a very particular care taker and pays personal attention to each Patient. He gives a good guidance to keep you fit. His every staff member is also very good and co-operative.

I took Physiotheray treatment in his clinic before and after my Knee operation and am Grateful to him for his services. 

May God Bless Him Forever for his services to mankind

Ocean Rocks

Prachi Adwani

Thanx a lot dr maulik for providing me best  treatment and curing my pains  everytime I visited you. He guides properly what precautions one has to take while treatment. Many times I had observed that he works selflessly for the betterment of our health and above monetary terms . Both dr maulik and his staff are having in_ depth knowledge of physiotherapy and treats their patients with due care and patiently. He is available easily and replies promptly on messages and had made my  appointments hassle _free .Had a wonderful experience everytime I visited him.


Shashang Mukesh Marchawala
Project Lead,LTI (L&T infotech)

Dr. Maulik Patel is simply the best physiotherapist in Surat. He has helped me and my family with various injuries and pain problems. Sir has outstanding knowledge of medicine, but also talent for healing and for helping people. I recommend his clinic The Complete Physio to anyone who needs a treatment with professionals who love their job and their patients.


Adding to this, he is the only physiotherapist who started to provide treatment to patient with hemophilia disease in Surat. His experience and expertise helps many hemophilic patient to survive against joint pain.


Dr. Arun Dholakia
(Retired HOD of Zoology,
Sir P.T. Science college, Surat)

I am extremely happy to state that Sparsh Physiotherapy Clinic provides the best treatment. Ihave been treated by Dr. Maulik for Cervical spondylosis and knee joint problems. Now i am totally ok. Sparsh Physiotherapy Clinic is well equipped and support staff is cooperative. Dr. Maulik has been excellent, effective, sympathetic and very personal. Let me wish vertical success to you.

Manoj patel.jpg

Manoj Patel
(loom's owner)


Sparsh Physiotherapy Clinic is a healing Clinic for any pain. Dr. Maulik healps Patients in everyway possible and is very kind and knowledgeable. I recommend this clinic to everyone who wants to get rid of any kind of pain and disability. 


Priyanka Jain
(House Wife)

I had severe backache.. had Problem in L4 L5. At Sparsh clinic Dr. Maulik Patel helped me with the sessions. Within a month my pain was gone. Dr. Maulik also taught me some exercise which I continued at home and also all the precautionary measures which I need to take care in future to avoid such circumstances of pain. I m leading a painless life now. Thank you team Sparsh

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Amrita Bhagat
(IT Field)

Thank you Dr. Maulik for your help, advcie and support. I found your service excellent and would have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends if they ever require physiotherapy

Young Painter

Nikita Jariwala

I would like to thank Dr. Maulik patel and a team for complete care for my sholder pain.  They treated me like very own person of them. Even i like theire online check in on Patient too. I’m glad i choose him for my recovering journey.


Sangeeta Ahire

(Tution teacher)

Dr. Maulik Patel is one of the best physiotherapist. Experience of taking treatment from him was excellent. The facilities were in great condition with relaxing atmosphere.

Soniya Rankawat

I had consulted Dr. MAulik after my ligament and meniscus reconstruction. He is very knowledgeable and guided me very well during my recovery. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a great physiotherapist.

Dharmistha Patel

Very grateful for the rehabilitation, very helpful and regained the movement perfectly.

Veedehi Patel

Dr Maulik possesses special knowledge and skills to cure and support patients for their fitment and healing journey


I visited the clinic for My muscle pain in arm and he asked to me to take rest, and show me some exercise which was very useful

Suruchi Bansal

Dr.Maulik is very knowledgeable and professional. The way he take care of his patients is commendable.

Dr. Pina Singh

Dr. Maulik is a great physiotherapist! He’s knowledgeable, kind and caring. The staff are also excellent and very helpful,very well behave and friendly. It seems like he has cure😇 for all the pains( back pain,and pain in right knee) . I would like to recommend this clinic if anyone is looking for one."Although I've seen other physiotherapists for the same issue before, none of them was as careful and effective as Dr. Maulik ,he asked the "right questions, conducted the right tests and delivered the most effective treatment ". I strongly recommend."

Ganesh Shelar

I had consulted Dr. Maulik 4yrs back regarding my knee issue which has now been recovered. He has vast experience in physiotherapy treatment for muscle and joint related bleedings of hemophilic patient. Visited his citylight branch recently for psoas muscle issue. He explains issues and body problems in detailed and provides systematic action plan to eradicate root cause of the pain with very simple simple excercise. Best wishes to him and his team.

Divyesh Kothwala

I had a great experience with Dr Maulik , He is very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. He was also very patient and listened to my concerns and tailored the treatment plan to my individual needs. He is very professional and I felt very comfortable with him. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a great physiotherapist

Chandravadan Joshi

Dr. Maulik Patel is very professional in his approach and has an easy manner. Very supportive staff and well equipped clinic. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Dr. Rajal Sukhiyaji

Hello, Dr. Maulik Patel is the best Physiotherapist. His skill in manual therapy is excellent. He is doing many activities, seminar and lactures in the field of Physiotherapy and Hemophilia. Sparsh Physiotherapy clinic is the most popular and best clinic.

Mafabhai D Patel

It was really great experience....Excellent treatment was given by DR. And also explain well about My pain in calf and hamstring during playing .....Thank you so much Dr.

Darshan Patel

Dr Maulik patel is knowledgeable. And have high experience in treating patients with different conditions.Along with that his nature is also familiar with patient and colleagues that leads him to step ahead every day.Even he is also active dr in social activities for selfless service to the society

Pinal Dakoria

Excellent Knowledge of Dr. Maulik and Perfect solution given by him for my shoulder pain. Highly recommended for any pain issue

Rahul Shitapure

Dr. Maulik Sir and Team is most experienced physiotherapist have seen, his treatment line and treating patients skill is most admirable, have issue with ankle latheral fracture, since last couple weeks have gone thru physiotherapy treatment with Dr. Maulik Sir and team and seen tremendous improvement in my current condition. I would highly recommended to visit Sparsh physiotherapy Clinic if you are looking for any physiotherapy treatment. I would like to express my gratitude to him for his hard efforts on my physiotherapy treatment
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