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5 Exercises For A Glowing Skin

Just as you indulge in physical exercises for a firmer, stronger, body, facial exercises too work to give the same results for your skin.

When it comes to defining and refining beauty, science and theory have always worked hand-in-hand. Whether it is exercising for a lean, sculpted body or for healthy and glowing skin, exercises have been proven to be useful, by science. While applying products and providing the skin with utmost care is a pretty straightforward approach, the skin also requires a deeper, more holistic approach for its overall health and for it to shine from within. We are all well aware of the fact that 'you are what you eat', but you are also what you do. A variety of products that suit your skin, a balanced diet packed with the right nutrients and exercising are the key factors that contribute to the well-being of your skin. While food and products are more explored, people tend to overlook exercising to get the perfect skin and keep it healthy. Facial exercises, neck routines, facial yoga, etc. And that brings us to the question: What exercises are easy to practise and how do they exactly benefit the skin? Experts have, time and again, explained the benefits of exercising for improvement in body health and physical appearance. It also helps you form a deeper connection with your inner self, and when you feel good from the inside, you feel good on the outside too! People may think exercises for skin may be a complicated process, but it’s easier than you think. Invest at least 15-20 minutes of your day and your skin will express gratitude for the results it shows and how you feel after. The idea is simple. Just how you indulge in physical exercises for a firmer, stronger body, facial exercises too work to give the same results for your skin. Facial exercises help you increase the strength of your facial muscles, regulate certain hormones and improve blood circulation that in turn prevents your skin from ageing, developing fine lines and wrinkles and boosts collagen production, a hormone that is responsible for making you look young! Let's have a look at some simple, easy-to-do exercises that will eventually help you get glowing and healthy skin!

1. Neck exercises Neck is an important part of the human body, it connects the face to the rest of the body. When the neck is tense it ends up stressing the face. Neck exercises help release the tension, improve the blood circulation to and lymphatic drainage from the head and face. A simple way to ease the tension is to turn your neck from left to right, back and forth slowly. Neck rotations are another way. Repeat it 5 to 7 times once or twice every day. 2. Fingertip massages The skin on your face is much more sensitive than the rest of your body. Extremely aggressive massage is definitely not the best choice for the face but the tension on the face needs to be relieved too. When stressed or working, we end up frowning which may build some tension/pain in the forehead and eyebrow area etc. One way to tackle this is to massage the pain points on your face with your fingertips. You may even use a facial oil to smoothen the process while also helping you hydrate your skin. 3. Jaw movements Jaw is also one of the most important and used parts of the face. Speaking, eating, drinking, laughing -- it does it all and thus moves often too. When you are idle, simply, open and close your jaws to relax. 4. Eye exercises Your eyes are wide open throughout the day (unless you’re sleeping, of course). You are constantly staring at a screen or something else. You need to relax your eyes for some time apart from the time you sleep. Close your eyes tight and open wide, look in every direction keeping your face stationary. This works for your eye muscles and helps reduce puffiness in this area and releases the stress. 5. Breathing exercises Facial exercises and/or facial yoga is not complete without breathing exercises. Respiratory changes affect the skin and body, as well as your moods. Breathing slowly and paying attention to your breath helps you relax and reduce stress which results in improving blood circulation and your skin’s overall health. Practising 10 to 15 minutes of anulom-vilom every day will show results in good time. Patience is also a key part of the process of getting glowing skin. You will not see the results in just a week or two. But your consistent efforts and patience will definitely show you results. While it is important to do these exercises regularly, it is equally necessary to do it the right way and for a significant amount of time. These exercises will not only improve the appearance of your skin but also ease any physical pain/tension on the face and also soothe your mind and soul. After all, the secret to true beauty isn't just expensive products but a joint effort between the products and exercises. Start today, be consistent and your skin will shine!

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