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Fitness Lunges Benefits: How do Lunges help your body?

A good exercise to incorporate into your home workout

With 2022 fast approaching, a lot of people will be making exercise a new year's resolution when January comes, keen to burn off that extra Christmas weight. With COVID-19 continuing to have an impact on the world, many will be looking for home workouts that are easily done and beneficial, and lunges shouldn't be overlooked.

How to do a lunge correctly?

Lunges are a simple and effective exercise, just be sure to do them correctly to avoid injuring a joint by following these steps: 1. Stand straight and keep your upper body straight with your chin up

2. Put one leg forward and lower your hips until your knees are at a 90 degree angle, keeling your knee aligned with your ankles

3. Don't touch the floor with your knee, keep your body weight on your heels

4. Switch feet

How do Lunges help your body?

Lunges help with a lot of things, providing greater core stability and better balance.

As well, they are a great way to strengthen your legs and buttocks as they target large muscle groups in your lower body, meaning your metabolism is boosted and you lose weight quicker.

They also help with hip flexibility, spinal health and they can increase your functionality.

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