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Weight Loss: Types Of Belly Fat And Ways To Get Rid Of Them

Types of belly fat and ways to get rid of them

Belly fat is something that stresses all of us out. It takes away the charm of dressing up, the will to look appealing and also poses great risks to health. When it comes to stomach fat, it can either be visceral or subcutaneous. Visceral fats surround a person’s organs and therefore are very dangerous in nature. However, subcutaneous fats lie underneath the skin. Comparatively the former is more harmful than the latter. That said, there are different types of bellies that one might possess. Depending on the kind of tummy you have, you can eliminate the fat accordingly.

Stress belly

As the name itself suggests, stress belly is an outcome of stress. It is caused due to an increase in the cortisol levels, which are produced when a person is under a lot of mental pressure. This in turn leads to an increase in the fat accumulated in the abdominal region, making one more susceptible to obesity. How to get rid of it: In order to do away with stress belly, you can resort to meditation and yogic practices that can reduce the level of stress and anxiety. Apart from that, you must also get enough sleep, so you are rejuvenated at all times.

Hormonal belly

Hormonal belly is a result of an imbalance of hormones. From hyperthyroidism to PCOS, many hormonal changes and irregularities can lead to weight gain and cause excess belly fat.

How to get rid of it: The only way to keep hormonal belly at bay is by maintaining hormonal harmony. Restrict your intake of unhealthy foods, instead resort to healthy fats like avocados, nuts and fish. Continue exercising and maintain a healthy weight. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor if the hormonal changes are hard to control.

Low belly

When a person's upper body is slimmer than their lower stomach which is the abdominal region, it is known as low belly. Often, the cause of such belly type is a sedentary lifestyle and/or when a person is prone to digestive issues. How to get rid of it: Anyone with a low belly must invest in fiber-rich foods that are great for digestion. Drink ample water and include green leafy vegetables in your diet. Focus more on core exercises, so it works your stomach area.

Bloated belly

A bloated belly occurs due to a bad diet or the inability to tolerate certain foods. Acidity and indigestion can often cause bloating which can be recurrent. How to get rid of it: The best way to avoid a bloated belly is by regular exercise. Resort to a good diet that is suitable for your stomach. Avoid fizzy drinks and big portions of foods, which may make it hard to manage bloating.

Mommy belly

Women who give birth are prone to mom bellies, where although they're done with the pregnancy process, they might still appear like they're pregnant. It takes time for a woman's body to go back to its state post-pregnancy. Therefore, do not stress about it and be patient. How to get rid of it: When you have a mommy belly, do not stress, instead take ample rest and let yourself heal. During this course, eat healthy fats like nuts, olive oil and avocados. You can also try kegel exercises to tighten up the skin.

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