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10 things Lord Ganesha signifies about health and life!

Ganesh Chaturthi is not just a festival, here's what we can learn from the elephant god. It is Ganesh Utsav and with all the hurried preparations and festivities around us, we tend to forget the message that he is trying to pass down to us. Ganesha, also known as Vinayak, is known for his abilities to do away with obstacles, but did you know that the elephant God teaches us much more? Here is a our interpretation of the symbolism attached to Ganesha and how it can help you on our road to good health, fitness and well-being:

1 Ganesha s big head = Great wisdom

Ever decided to go on a fad diet to fit into that new dress? Or just started an exercise regime because your friend was doing it? We all have. But what we all fail to realise is that it is important to be wise about what you choose, be it a diet, exercise regime or something else in life. Know what you are getting into, and how it will affect your body and mind. Respect what you have, many don t have the luxuries you take for granted.

2 Large ears = Listen and pay more attention

We have all been in that place where we have simply popped a pill for a headache or tried some home remedies for a stomach ache. But did you know that your body is so well tuned that it gives you signals when something is wrong? Listening to our body is the first step to complete fitness and health. Listen to your body and what it needs, it could mean a medical check-up that could save your life, or just something to beat stress or to lose those extra pounds so your body can function better. Whatever it is, listen and you will know exactly what you need

3 Small eyes = Greater concentration

When life gets the best of us, with a number of things happening all at once, you are probably at your multitasking best. But have you ever just focused on what you need? Figure out what you want and focus on it your personal goals. It could be getting fitter and healthier, kicking the butt or simply beating stress. Whatever your goal may be staying resolute about it is the only way to achieve your aim.

4 Rope in his left hand = Pulling you closer to your goals

Want to lose five kilos before your friend s wedding? Or do you want to get that raise you so desire? Well, you can. Working hard and fighting for what you want is what you need to do to achieve your objective. So hit the gym, or work harder and you will definitely get what you set out to achieve.

5 One tusk (ekadanth) = Retain good, throw away bad

Whether it is your fitness goals, or something bad that has happened to you recently, remember to throw away the bad and keep only the good. It ensures you carry lesser emotional baggage. For example if you re ever criticised at work, listen to what the person is saying and take it as positive criticism something that will help you improve at what you do.

6 Trunk = Higher efficiency and adaptability

We all have excuses not to workout, or to miss that doctor s appointment we never run out of excuses for why we didn t do something. But Lord Ganesha s trunk teaches us that we must be highly adaptable to change. Life throws us a number of challenges at us every day; it is how we adapt that decides our future course of action. So the next time you think of an excuse to skip the gym, really think whether that s even a valid reason or just another illusion created by the devil in your head.

7 Madaka = Reward for penance or sadhana

Want six-pack abs or toned legs? You ve to realise that there s no reward without penance, you have to work for what you want. There are no shortcuts, no weight loss pills or magic drinks that can simply melt the fat away. You want to lose weight hit the gym and eat healthier.

8 Mouse as a vehicle = Control of desire

The mouse signifies our innate desire that should be controlled. That extra gulab jamun, a small piece of cake or just one drag of a cigarette are all desires that need to be controlled. If you don t, it will take over you. To quit something like cigarettes or alcohol or to just give up an unhealthy habit, take control of the desire, and you will see how well you can recoup.

9 Large stomach = Ability to digest good and bad

Being upset or having ups and downs in life are normal, what Ganesha teaches you is to take it in your stride and work towards improving the situation. If you do hold on to things that emotionally harm you, it could lead to several problems that could range from depression to conditions like high blood pressure. So calm down, take a breath and move on!

10 Small mouth = Less talk

The whining that comes with a strict workout regime, or muscle aches after, or a boss who gives you too much work, whatever the situation might be, learn to talk less and do more. It will not only help you do better it will also help you get rid of aggression in the healthiest manner possible naturally! So, the next time you are faced with an obstacle, think of what Lord Ganesha teaches us; practice it and you will be well on your way to a happier and healthier life.

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